Covid Response: Feeding Families

Over the weekend, as Seattle area residents prepared for social distancing and remote schooling ReWA’s Elementary Program Coordinator, Rachel Ewen, sprang into action. She posted a request to Instagram and raised $260 from friends and family to create care packages for ReWA’s elementary program families. She and her friends filled bags with non-perishable food items, toiletries, first aid kits, school supplies, books, school work, games, etc. They were jam packed! Hopefully they will provide some help and comfort to our students and their parents during these stressful times.

Many ReWA families have single parents and many siblings, so school closures have a big impact on their food budget.

“I knew that a lot of our families are large families headed by single parents, some of whom operate child care centers, so I knew they would need a lot of help during this time. So when we delivered the supplies, I also told them about the free lunches at nearby schools,” she said. 

Rachel added, “Most of their parents don’t speak English, so it’s hard for them to support their kids academically. We created workbooks for them that include mazes, mad libs, and gave them pencil and crayons, for activities to do away from screens. Our case managers will also be checking in during the break with parents and kids. Its hard because our go-to is to get out into the community, so we have to be creative in giving kids an outlet.” 

Thank you for your good work, Rachel and Friends! 

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Youth Program Coordinator collected donations to give to ReWA’s families in the youth program