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    Mones Esfandiari is a young woman who was born and raised in Afghanistan before relocating to the United States in 2016. Since an early age, Mones had a […]
  • After kabul evacuation, “Abdul” restarts his career
    Photos from Creative Commons When Abdul (name changed) came to the U.S. early in 2022, he started working in the first job he could find: delivery driver. It […]
  • Property owners step up to house Afghan families
    Finding a home for a recently arrived refugee is tough. Most have no rental or credit history and few have yet to find a job. To find them […]
  • New Life Skills curriculum
    “Life Skills” help refugees navigate a new culture For most Americans, paying their utility bill online is pretty routine. But what if you are a refugee who doesn’t […]
  • Making a “Brave Commitment” to fully fund organizations serving youth
    Three years ago, several nonprofit organizations serving youth and families in King County faced a funding crisis. Much has been written about COVID-19’s impact on the non-profit sector. […]
  • “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed”
    Keeping youth engaged through screens can be tough. But during a recent youth program webinar in which themes touched on being authentic, accountable and showing up for oneself […]
  • Raising 6 kids and learning English
    Right before the start of the pandemic, a Somali couple, Sara and Abdi, and their six children moved to Seattle. When Sara first arrived, she was able to […]
  • Supporting Afghan refugees
    Dear friends, As we watched the dreadful news out of Afghanistan, I am having many conversations with our community members, some of whom came to the U.S. as […]
  • Refugees connect with “TalkTime”
    It’s 5pm on Wednesday and faces start to appear on the computer screen. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased social isolation for almost everyone, so Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA) […]
  • Coming out of covid
    In the past year, ReWA has helped over 200 immigrants and refugees in the Puget Sound access mental health counseling. Most suffer from depression, PTSD, or just have […]
  • Ramadan: Research, Write, Present
    Eid Al-Fitr is the Islamic holiday celebrating the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan. This is the day when Muslims offer special prayers, greet each other with […]
  • Volunteer Appreciation
    Vacuuming children. Is that a mistake in English vocabulary or a practical solution to messy kids? Angela is a stay-at home mom of three, metal artist (pictured here […]
  • Citizenship boom
    Have you ever wondered what an online Citizenship class looks like? It’s part history lesson, conversation practice and quiz show, where students are asked: “Who signed the Emancipation […]
  • Access to learning soars as ESL goes online
    Last March, ReWA’s ESL team was struggling: few of the immigrants and refugees who attended ESL classes had internet or computer access at home. Now a year later, ReWA is offering five classes online, serving over 70 students.
  • Day 1 keeps families housed
    A trained chemist stocking shelves at Costco. An experienced accountant mopping floors. These women are only two of the many immigrants and refugees with professional backgrounds who come […]
  • ReWA reaches 400 first-time voters
    It was Friday morning before Election Day. My foot anxiously tapped on the floor as I considered the potential impacts of our local and national races. ReWA’s team […]
  • Starting Careers in Childcare
                      Congratulations to the 12 graduates of the Early Childhood Education Initial Certificate course who completed a year of academic […]
  • Youth Annual Showcase Art Gallery
    Youth Art Showcase   One good thing about being stuck at home is the extra time to make art! ReWA encourages our students to explore art as a […]
  • Youth tackle teen homelessness
    Back in February when we had no idea what was in store for us. In partnership with the Seattle Reparatory Theatre (the Rep), ReWA’s Project-Based Learning (PBL) program […]
  • Counseling for COVID-19 anxiety
    “Mariam”* came to the US a few years ago, fleeing war in East Africa. She learned English, got her driving license, and found a clerical job. But persistent […]
  • Covid Response: Feeding Families
    Over the weekend, as Seattle area residents prepared for social distancing and remote schooling ReWA’s Elementary Program Coordinator, Rachel Ewen, sprang into action. She posted a request to […]
  • Preschool Teacher Training
    Last month, ReWA’s Kent classroom was host to a dozen students proudly displaying their diploma in Child Care Basics, the first step in a career in early childhood […]
  • Ready for the Presidential Primary?
    Washington State starts voting for president in the Presidential Primary Election on March 10. What is a primary election? During this election, Washington residents choose their favorite Democratic […]
  • ReWA partners with Census 2020
    ReWA partners with Census 2020 so refugee communities get counted! In the last Census, the under-count cost King County hundreds of millions in federal funding. This year, ReWA is partnering […]
  • Public Charge rule: Get the Facts
    In late January, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) announced that the U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) public charge rule  would go into effect while legal […]
  • Advocacy Day in Olympia
    Immigration advocates urge lawmakers to ban private prisons, keep courthouses safe, and halt use of face surveillance technology. On February 5 ReWA gathered with hundreds of activists for […]
  • A green card changes everything
    After four years of delay, “Abdi” (left) finally received his Green Card. Pictured with his ReWA attorney, Oksana Bilobran. “Congratulations on receiving your Green Card!” “Abdi” had waited […]
  • New state rules for ECE training
    Last month, ReWA’s Kent classroom was host to a dozen students proudly displaying their diploma in Child Care Basics, the first step in a career in early childhood […]
  • Finding Home
  • Honoring Our Mothers
    Huong Nguyen is an ESL volunteer with some deep roots with ReWA. Her mother was Emmanuelle Chi Dang, and you may recognize her portrait from the ReWA lobby. […]