Employment Case Management and Job Readiness Training


Many refugees and immigrants arrive in the U.S. with limited job histories and non-transferable skills, making it difficult to find employment. The ReWA LEP Career Pathway Program encompasses employment, training, Computer Basics Workshops, ESL, and life skills services. Its overarching objective is to facilitate stable employment opportunities for refugees and immigrants participating in the program, thereby paving the way for a seamless integration experience for the entire family.

Job Search Support and Placement Services:

Participants in our program receive special help with finding jobs, and this help is given by our employment specialists. These specialists are like job experts – they help participants find jobs that match their skills, interests, and English language abilities. They also show participants how to search for jobs online and how to make resumes that they can share with potential employers.

Our employment specialists are connected with many local employers. They talk to these employers regularly to learn about job openings.

When participants get a chance to have an interview for a job, the employment specialist helps them get ready. They practice the interview with the participant, pretending to be the employer and the participant. They also review what the participant learned in the Job Readiness Workshops. Sometimes, the employment specialist even goes with the participant to the interview to help them find the place and understand what to do.

Nonpaid Work Experience:

An unpaid chance is available for participants to enhance their employability. This opportunity offers hands-on experience within a supportive and closely supervised work setting. During this experience, participants practice good employee behaviors and acquire fresh job skills. Their worksite supervisor and employment specialist oversee and guide them throughout this learning process.

Job Retention Services & Ongoing Career Coaching:

Provide assistance and ongoing support to recently employed refugee participants. Motivate them to persist in their English language studies and further training to enhance their skills. Work together with participants to create effective plans for achieving higher wages. Additionally, connect participants with various services that remove obstacles to successful work engagement, such as childcare, transportation, housing stability, and resolving conflicts at the workplace.

Develop Job and Training Opportunities:

Establishing and maintaining partnerships with variety of stakeholders including businesses, educational, training, and apprenticeship agencies, and community partners.

  • Provide Career Coaching — help participants advance in their field or pursue a new career that builds on their education and experience such as additional education, training, a professional certification, or licensing.
  • Computer Basics Workshops — provide a workshop-based training in basic computer and internet skills to aid job seekers in their online job search and ongoing skill building. Workshops are held in well-equiped computer labs.
  • Customized Job Skills Training — provide customized job skills training through partnerships to its employment-ready participants to increase their ability to find work and experience wage progression.
  • Case Management Support — empower participants by removing barriers to employment and training opportunities.
  • Life Skills Training — offer life skills training to immigrants and refugee to better their integration with U.S. culture in work, life, and play. Participants will utilize learnings to increase comfort in navigating their new surroundings. A newly developed ReWA Life Skills Curriculum will be utilized, which will cover topics on communications, money management, nutrition, health, transportation, clothing, housing, and employment.

To learn more please contact JD (LEP) at 206-957-2029 ext. #500 (jd.boucher@rewa.org) or Lauren (LEP, BFET, FAP) at 206-957-2029 ext. #227 (lauren@rewa.org)

The Day 1 Program:

The Day 1 Program supports immigrant and refugee professionals who are unemployed, working survival jobs, homeless, or at risk of homelessness in achieving economic and housing stability.

We do this by offering:

  • Career coaching
  • Re-train and re-certify in your previous career
  • Develop confidence to enter the US professional job market
  • Case management services
studying on campus


  • Immigrant, refugee or asylee
  • Have a work permit
  • Live in the greater Seattle/Puget Sound area
  • Low income
  • ESL level 4 and above
  • Have higher education/university degree from your home country 
  • Motivated to advance your education and career

Contact Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, or leave message
To learn more, please contact Day 1 at dayone@rewa.org
Mohammad (Dari/Farsi speaking) (206) 537- 2298 or email mohammad@rewa.org
Kedir M (Amharic and Tigrigna speaking) (206) 537-2306 or email kedir@rewa.org

Health Care Aide Training Program

ReWA offers FREE Home Care Aide training for refugees and immigrants! Use this entry-level certification to start a career in healthcare. 


  • Free 75-hour HCA training
  • Pay for most HCA jobs starts at $19/hour or more
  • HCA certification and exam application assistance
  • ReWA pays all or part of the application fee (normally $222)
  • Resume assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • Computer training (with computer loan if needed)

Are you eligible? 

  • Interest in health care field
  • Refugee or immigrant
  • ESL level 3 or higher
  • Ready to work immediately

Download our Flyer!

To enroll, contact: Janet Kamau: Janetk@rewa.org or Marian Ahmed at marian@rewa.org

Worksource Connection

As a Worksource Connection site in King County, ReWA offers online access to WorkSource services. These services include, for example, online job search, job seeker resources, unemployment services, and tutorials on topics like resume writing and interviewing. ReWA has two self-serve computer labs open to the public. One is located at our main offices: 4008 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S., Seattle, WA 98108, and at our SeaTac Office: 4800 S. 188th, Suite 240, SeaTac, WA 98188.

Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA) is an equal opportunity employer and provider of employment and training services. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request.
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