Our Team

ReWA is guided in fulfilling its mission by our accomplished and dedicated Board of Directors, comprised of individuals from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds.

ReWA has a team of over 130 staff members with the capability of speaking over 50 languages and dialects. Most of our staff are refugees or immigrants, who work with program participants to deliver bilingual and bicultural services.

Board of Directors
Ramina Dehkhoda-Steele Co-Chair (currently on sabbatical)
Managing Partner, Wong Fleming
Kelli Tingwall Co-Chair
FHL Bank of Seattle CFO (retired)
Catherine Danigelis Treasurer
Senior Vice President, Key Bank
Eileen Concannon Secretary
Attorney (retired)
Gail Williams Member
Compliance Manager, Capitol Hill Housing
Tasleem Kachra Member
Senior Program Officer, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Katie Kuciemba Halse Member
Local Government Relations Manager, of Seattle
Shahzad Q. Qadri Member
Partner, Wong Fleming
Shevanthi Daniel-Rabkin Member
Director, Workers to Owners, Democracy at Work Institute
Yeri Yun Member
Communications Manager, Schultz Family Foundation
Teresa Cho Member
Certified Public Accountant, Camber Consulting
Kristin Bunce Member
Local Entrepreneur
Usama Naseem Member
Amazon, Sr. Product Manager
Bindi Lassige Member
Director, Human Resources, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Key Staff
Mahnaz K. Eshetu Executive Director
Crisann Brooks Senior Director, Family Empowerment Services
Gizachew Manahle Manager, Family Empowerment Services
Carlin Yoophum Director, Domestic Violence Program
Molly Donovan Director, Behavioral Health Program
Susan Lee Director, ECE Operations and Volunteer Services
Emily Tomita Manager, Youth Program
Margarita Seeley Director, Finance
Stephen Darcy Human Resources
Jackie Schultz Director, Development & Communications