Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA) provides refugees and immigrants in the Puget Sound area with services to help them become independent.

Services for Refugees and Immigrants

ReWA provides 8 wrap-around social services for every member of the family. These services, delivered in over 50 languages and dialects, are designed to make a long-lasting impact in our clients’ lives and help them thrive in the Puget Sound community.

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Employment Opportunities

Many refugees and immigrants arrive in the U.S. with limited job histories and non-transferable skills, making it difficult to find employment. We also provide employment case management to our clients who are unemployed or underemployed and are experiencing housing instability.

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Volunteer Opportunities

ReWA began in 1985 as a small group of refugee women who volunteered to support their community. 35 years later, we are grateful for the support of more than 200 volunteers each year who are central to our ReWA family. Thank you for contributing toward the achievement of our mission.

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