You Can do Anything: Elena’s Journey to ReWA

Imagine yourself landing in a foreign country with only a suitcase of clothes, bidding farewell to all that’s familiar, and embarking on a new chapter due to circumstances beyond your control. This is the reality for immigrants and refugees worldwide, including ReWA client Elena, a Ukrainian immigrant whose journey to the United States epitomizes the strength and resilience.

Elena vividly remembers her early days in Seattle, a city vastly different from her Ukrainian hometown. “It was overwhelming,” she recalls, describing the profound sense of isolation, unrelenting stress, struggle with identity loss, and detachment that often accompanies the immigrant experience. “I felt adrift, like I didn’t fit in.”

Despite these challenges, Elena found solace in the community provided by ReWA. Through programs and events like our Center for Social and Emotional Wellbeing’s Ukrainian Wellness Event, Elena found a sense of belonging and connection with others facing similar experiences.

“During the entire event there was an atmosphere of peace, relaxation and warmth, and I felt at home.”

Events like the Ukrainian Wellness Event provide clients a space to share their experiences, traditions, and customs, helping them find strength and resilience in their cultural heritage. For Elena, she took great comfort in learning meditation practices. Her affirmation picture was painted with colors so warm, gentle and calm to her, she longs for this peace.

“You can do anything” is her daily meditation affirmation. 

Elena is grateful for the support she has received from ReWA and encourages others to support organizations like ReWA that make a difference in the lives of immigrants and refugees.

“I hope that more people can find the same hope and healing that I have found. We need to remember that each of us has great strength, and we can cope with everything in this life with the support of others.”

If you’d like to support other refugees and immigrants like Elena, please consider using our Giving page. Every dollar truly makes a difference, and we deeply appreciate your generosity. You can also support us by purchasing our cookbook or sharing our information on social media.

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