Start Your Career in Healthcare with ReWA

Commencing in February, a gathering of immigrants and refugees will take place for ReWA’s eight-week Home Care Aide (HCA) training program. Within this diverse assembly are individuals with prior experience in healthcare roles in their native countries. Despite facing challenges like conflict, homelessness, and the pursuit of an improved life, they unite with a shared objective: acquiring new skills to secure employment and provide support for their families.

The program incorporates hands-on training sessions, enabling participants to acquire essential skills for HCA certification. This practical approach, essential for obtaining the certificate, opens pathways to employment and independence, fostering stability for the families supported by the organization.

Our comprehensive eight-week HCA training program includes job readiness classes, review sessions, exam preparation, and employment assistance. Recognizing and addressing barriers like transportation, childcare, and job interviews, ReWA empowers students to overcome these challenges. About twenty percent of HCA training graduates utilize their certification to care for family members.

To enhance job success, our students can work for up to 200 days before certification, offering a unique opportunity to balance study and work while reaping the benefits of their training. The entry-level home care aide positions prove to be an ideal fit, allowing individuals to enhance their English proficiency and gain valuable experience in American work culture.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Renton Technical College, ReWA provides additional training opportunities for those aspiring to enter higher-paying medical positions such as pharmacy technicians and medical assistants. This partnership underscores ReWA’s commitment to expanding educational avenues for its students.

If you are interested in joining our upcoming HCA certification program, please contact Salwa at or (206) 551-1272. Eligibility criteria include an interest in the healthcare field, refugee or immigrant status, and an ESL level of 3 or higher.

Benefits: ✨ Free 75-hour HCA training ✨ HCA jobs starting at $19/hour or more ✨ Assistance with HCA certification and exam application ✨ ReWA covers all or part of the application fee (usually $237) ✨ Resume assistance ✨ Interview preparation