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  • Supporting the Women in your Life
    Opportunities for women and overall gender equality have increased substantially in recent years, but significant barriers still exist. Barriers, such as, gender-based violence, unequal pay, and limitations in education and political power prevent many women from using all their talents to benefit society. Women all over the world experience life in multitude of ways and […]
  • Healthy Relationships
    Humans need healthy relationships to survive and thrive. Learn some tips for creating healthy relationship with family, friends and partners.
  • Setting goals
    Setting Goals Can Help Improve Your Life Have you ever wanted to learn a special family recipe, but felt too overwhelmed to do so?    That is where “goal setting” can help. Are you thinking about going to college, but do not know how to apply? Many people spend their lives thinking about things they […]
  • The Secret power of tears
    Next time you get tears in your eyes—be happy about it! Why, you might ask? Because tears are an incredibly important signal that helps us regulate our physical, emotional and social selves. Allowing your tear ducts to flow benefits you in many ways: Physically, tears help our bodies by: clearing chemicals that trigger damaging stress […]