Give Hope This Holiday Season

Giving Tuesday and the holiday season provides folks with the opportunity to make a positive impact: we invite you to be a part of the transformative stories that define ReWA’s mission. Consider joining hands with us to support those who have triumphed over adversity and are now on a journey to brighter futures.

ReWA: A Lifeline for Domestic Violence Survivors

Embarking on a new life in a foreign country is challenging enough, but for survivors of domestic violence, the journey becomes even more daunting. Shocking statistics reveal that immigrant and undocumented women face abuse rates nearly three times the national average, reaching an alarming 49.8%. ReWA stands as a beacon of support for these survivors.

Consider the story of an individual who, six years ago, escaped an abusive relationship with just a bag in hand. ReWA became their played a pivotal role in guiding them through safety and security.

From Survival Mode to Software Engineer: The Power of Holistic Support

Imagine arriving in the United States with nothing but the clothes on your back and two children in tow. This was the reality for many newcomers, and it was the foundational need for childcare that led one mother to ReWA. Learning her story, our Early Learning Center team seamlessly connected her with our employment team for job search assistance.

Going beyond conventional support, our client not only accessed crucial job training but also enrolled in food assistance benefits and various services to support her family. ReWA’s holistic approach recognizes that true empowerment addresses diverse needs, aiming for full integration. Throughout her program, ReWA case managers served as unwavering pillars of support, resulting in our client now being employed as a software engineer at a large, local company.

Your Impact 

Your contribution can make a lasting impact on the lives of those who have overcome incredible challenges with the support of ReWA. Every donation counts, and together, we can ignite change that lasts a lifetime. Don’t let this opportunity pass by – give to ReWA today and be a part of the journey towards brighter futures for individuals and communities in need.