Start Your Career in Healthcare with ReWA

Commencing in February, a gathering of immigrants and refugees will take place for ReWA’s eight-week Home Care Aide (HCA) training program. Within this diverse assembly are individuals with prior experience in healthcare roles in their native countries. Despite facing challenges like conflict, homelessness, and the pursuit of an improved life, they unite with a shared objective: acquiring new skills to secure employment and provide support for their families.

The program incorporates hands-on training sessions, enabling participants to acquire essential skills for HCA certification. This practical approach, essential for obtaining the certificate, opens pathways to employment and independence, fostering stability for the families supported by the organization.

Our comprehensive eight-week HCA training program includes job readiness classes, review sessions, exam preparation, and employment assistance. Recognizing and addressing barriers like transportation, childcare, and job interviews, ReWA empowers students to overcome these challenges. About twenty percent of HCA training graduates utilize their certification to care for family members.

To enhance job success, our students can work for up to 200 days before certification, offering a unique opportunity to balance study and work while reaping the benefits of their training. The entry-level home care aide positions prove to be an ideal fit, allowing individuals to enhance their English proficiency and gain valuable experience in American work culture.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Renton Technical College, ReWA provides additional training opportunities for those aspiring to enter higher-paying medical positions such as pharmacy technicians and medical assistants. This partnership underscores ReWA’s commitment to expanding educational avenues for its students.

If you are interested in joining our upcoming HCA certification program, please contact Salwa at or (206) 551-1272. Eligibility criteria include an interest in the healthcare field, refugee or immigrant status, and an ESL level of 3 or higher.

Benefits: ✨ Free 75-hour HCA training ✨ HCA jobs starting at $19/hour or more ✨ Assistance with HCA certification and exam application ✨ ReWA covers all or part of the application fee (usually $237) ✨ Resume assistance ✨ Interview preparation

Board member story: kiran dhillon

The life story of Kiran Dhillon, PhD, stands as a testament to the profound impact that passion, purpose, and resilience can wield. This significance is further underscored by her welcomed addition to the ReWA Board of Directors in 2022. Her story is closely linked to the mission of ReWA, which reflects her own experiences since childhood. Kiran’s journey began when her family moved from India to the United States, seeking safety and opportunities. After settling in Cleveland, Ohio, they faced challenges as Kiran’s parents worked hard to establish a new life. Their determination inspired Kiran to develop her own strength and perseverance, qualities that guided her in the years ahead.

However, this journey was not without difficulties. Kiran’s mother, who didn’t speak English and had never worked or driven before, faced new challenges. Similarly, her father dealt with adjusting to a new culture. Learning how important it was to contribute to the community, as valued in American culture, was not easy. This journey also saw setbacks, like the sad loss of Kiran’s mother when Kiran was just 16. Despite this, Kiran continued to work hard to improve her family’s life in the United States, fueled by a desire to honor her family’s resilience.

Kiran excelled academically, eventually earning a PhD in Genetics from the University of Washington. She delved into scientific research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, focusing on understanding chemotherapy resistance in breast and ovarian cancer. She also co-founded an organization with a mission to increase the success of scientists from underrepresented backgrounds. This demonstrated her dedication to breaking down barriers and finding solutions.

As the Executive Director of UW Medicine’s Cancer Vaccine Institute, Kiran leads the institute’s goals, builds relationships with donors, and oversees its administration in the fight against cancer. Her ability to plan strategically is clear as she guides the institute’s programs and collaborations, all with the aim of making life-saving treatments accessible to everyone, regardless of their backgrounds.

However, Kiran’s aspirations extend beyond the lab. She recognizes the power of storytelling and representation, both in science and the arts. In Seattle’s vibrant arts scene, she was previously involved in South Asian films as a film festival director with Tasveer. She also serves as on the Board for Northwest Film Forum, where she empowers immigrants and refugees to share their stories through art.

Kiran’s experience serves as a bright illustration of how helping and empowerment can turn aspirations into reality. Her story, which is truly motivating, highlights the significance of organizations that equip immigrants and refugees with the resources required to shape a brighter tomorrow, much like Kiran did herself. We deeply appreciate having dedicated board members like Kiran, who advocate for immigrants and refugees within the ReWA community.

Exploring the Heart of Community and Passion at Lake City’s Grocery Outlet Store

A memorable field trip led by ReWa Lake City recently took us to the heart of our community, where we discovered the hidden gem of the Grocery Outlet Store. Owned and operated by the inspiring Renee, this local establishment has become more than just a grocery store; it has transformed into a thriving community hub that fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment. During our eye-opening visit, we not only learned essential grocery shopping skills but also witnessed firsthand the power of passion and dedication in turning dreams into reality.

Renee’s story is one of courage and ambition. After dedicating fifteen years of her career to a store in California, she took a leap of faith and moved to Seattle to embark on a life-changing journey. With unwavering determination, she acquired the Grocery Outlet Store, turning it into a symbol of her passion for community and quality products. Witnessing this transformation was truly inspiring and left us in awe of the possibilities that lie ahead when one follows their dreams with dedication.

During our visit to the Grocery Outlet Store, we were granted exclusive access to the inner workings of the store. From the bustling warehouse, filled with fresh produce and essential products, to the well-chilled freezer, where perishable items were stored, we gained insight into the meticulous processes that ensure the store’s shelves are always stocked with the finest goods. The experience not only gave us a glimpse into the operations of a thriving grocery store but also reinforced the importance of choosing healthy food options like fresh fruits for our well-being.

One of the most empowering moments of the trip was when we were taught how to navigate the checkout process on our own. This hands-on experience not only instilled a sense of independence and responsibility but also provided us with valuable lessons in practical life skills. As we scanned our selected items and saw the total amount appear on the screen, we realized the significance of budgeting and the importance of making conscious purchasing decisions.

When we had the privilege of conversing with Renee, her passion for the store’s sense of community was evident. The Grocery Outlet Store had transcended its role as a mere commercial entity; it had become a gathering place for the local neighborhood, where people came together to connect, support each other, and build lasting relationships. Renee’s commitment to fostering a tight-knit and supportive community was truly commendable, and it left a lasting impression on all of us.

Our field trip to the Grocery Outlet Store, owned by the remarkable Renee, was an enriching experience that not only taught us valuable grocery shopping skills but also allowed us to witness the transformational power of passion and dedication. Renee’s decision to follow her dreams and create a community-focused establishment has not only enriched the lives of those she serves but also left a lasting impact on our hearts. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Renee for warmly welcoming us into her store and for sharing her wisdom and passion with us. This unforgettable experience has taught us the value of pursuing our dreams and the importance of building meaningful connections within our community.

ReWA Is A Classy Awards Winner

Today, we are excited to announce that ReWA is a 2023 Classy Award winner in the Social Innovation category. We’re proud to share that our Domestic Violence Program is recognized for its contribution to helping refugee and immigrant women and families.

About the Classy Awards

Classy, an affiliate of GoFundMe, is a Public Benefit Corporation and giving platform that enables nonprofits to connect supporters with the causes they care about, is celebrating 10 years of the Classy Awards. The Classy Awards is one of the largest nonprofit award programs recognizing excellence in impact and innovation. Now in its tenth year, the initiative brings together groundbreaking nonprofits and impact leaders to honor the achievements driving lasting change around the globe. Determined by the Classy Awards Leadership Council, which is comprised of trailblazing organizations in their own right, such as The Trevor Project, Doctors Without Borders, and Shriners Hospitals for Children; this honorary board evaluates nominations from thousands of organizations addressing challenges around the world. 

Winners were determined by the Leadership Council, an honorary board of social sector leaders, with representatives from organizations such as Jane Goodall Institute USA, The Salvation Army USA, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

GiveBIG to Ukrainian Refugees in 2023

This GiveBIG, ReWA’s goal is to raise $100,000 to increase our capacity to remove barriers to housing, education, legal status, and employment for 200 Ukrainian refugees. By giving to ReWA this GiveBIG, you can help provide critical support to clients such as Ukrainian refugee Liudmyla. ReWA client Liudmyla’s dream in America was simple: build a foundation upon which to improve her life through work.

After traveling thousands of miles, first to Poland and then to the United States, bringing only a suitcase, Liudmyla was determined to make her dream come true. With the help of a ReWA case manager, Liudmyla connected with an employer in Federal Way, Washington, who recognized her skills and capabilities.  Despite initial language and cultural barriers, Liudmyla remained focused on her goal of becoming self-sufficient. After showing a strong commitment to her employer, she has been given advanced opportunities.

Liudmyla’s journey is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of community support. As Liudmyla says: “never wait to act, be happy, and do good now.” Liudmyla attributes much of her success to ReWA. She regards ReWA as her second family and expresses gratitude for the emotional and practical support she has received. By receiving wraparound services that help in all areas of her life, she has been able to acclimate herself to the American way of life.

Please give today so ReWA can house, employ, train, and apply for legal status for 200 Ukrainians this year.

Mahnaz Eshetu, Executive Director