"Why did the colonists fight the British?" in red ink above a painting of a battle scene from the Revolutionary War.

Citizenship boom

Have you ever wondered what an online Citizenship class looks like? It’s part history lesson, conversation practice and quiz show, where students are asked: “Who signed the Emancipation Proclamation?” “Who started the first free libraries?” “What was the Civil War fought over?”* Last year, ReWA’s citizenship classes moved online. In late 2020, thanks to a USCIS grant ReWA doubled their…

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Liban’s Way: Road to Success

When ReWA moved into SeaTac CityHall back in 2019, Liban (pronounced “LEE-ban”) stopped by the Open House to say hello. He said, “I used to be in the youth program, and now I work full time for the city.” An Information Systems Technician, Liban, helps keep the city’s IT infrastructure operating and provides friendly customer service to City workers.  When…

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Access to learning soars as ESL goes online

Last March, ReWA’s ESL Team was struggling: few of the immigrants and refugees who attended ESL classes had internet or computer access at home. Now, a year later, ReWA is offering five classes online serving over 70 students. How did we do it? Let’s go back to March 13, 2020, the day Seattle Schools closed… My name is Inga Muscio,…

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Covid-19 Vaccines: what you need to know

Find Vaccine Sites and more at King County Public Health Community Resources page.   Vaccine and find locations at the WA Phase Finder on King County Public Health (information available in multiple languages).        All Covid-19 vaccines went through the usual 3 phase safety and efficacy testing before being approved for use.        …

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ReWA case manager helps a woman in headscarf fill out application forms

Day 1 keeps families housed

A trained chemist stocking shelves at Costco. An experienced accountant mopping floors. These women are only two of the many immigrants and refugees with professional backgrounds who come to the U.S. but get stuck in low-wage jobs. Without a chance to take courses to re-certify in their previous career fields, they struggle to make ends meet, and are one unexpected-bill…

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