A Wild Day at Woodland Park Zoo

During the peak of summer, on the exciting day of August 18th, students, families, teachers, and staff from ReWa, MLK, Beacon Hill, and Lake City joined together for a super special trip to Seattle’s famous Woodland Park Zoo. The adventure kicked off with everyone piling onto a bus, and off we went to the zoo’s friendly south entrance. Stepping onto the zoo grounds, we knew we were in for a day that would create memories we’d never forget.

Our expedition commenced amidst the lush ambiance of the Beech Grove area—an enchanting setting that showcased a tapestry of captivating exhibits and immersive activities. Amidst the vibrant surroundings, a medley of engaging pursuits awaited us, from the simple joy of bubble play to spirited dance sessions that enlivened the atmosphere. A special treat came in the form of an artistic station sponsored by ReWa, where we adorned ourselves with intricate animal tattoos, adding a touch of the wild to our experience.

Elevating our adventure further, a duo of tables stood ready for an exclusive “Get to Know an Animal” interaction. These tables provided a unique privilege—an up-close encounter with two captivating creatures: a majestic hawk and a wise turtle. Listening to their stories and learning about their habitats left us in awe of the intricate web of life that fills our planet.

The zoo’s staff had thoughtfully arranged yet another immersive activity, inviting us to explore the sensory delights of nature’s offerings. Leaves, flowers, and sticks took on a new dimension as we engaged our senses, deepening our appreciation for the world around us. Adding a touch of whimsy to our day, we had the delightful opportunity to don butterfly dresses, infusing an extra layer of magic into our already enchanting experience.

Summing up our day, the excursion to Woodland Park Zoo turned out to be an exquisite blend of enlightening encounters and unadulterated entertainment. Our hearts brimmed with cherished memories, and our understanding of the astonishing diversity within the animal kingdom had grown profoundly. This unforgettable day was a testament to the power of collaboration between REWA and WPZ in shaping the Nature Play curriculum. Together, they orchestrated an event that seamlessly blended education with enjoyment, leaving an indelible mark on all who were fortunate to partake in it.