Adopt a Refugee Family

Faced with persecution, war, and violence, refugees have been forced to flee their home countries, and will likely never be able to return. ReWA’s refugee families have come to the United States from 37 different countries. Most of them have lived in refugee camps for over 10 years, are married with children, and currently live at or below the poverty level. They typically have little or no English speaking ability and do not have any transferrable employment skills.

You can adopt a refugee family and help them make ends meet, achieve long-term self-sufficiency, and succeed in their new country. ReWA staff work to connect sponsors from the community with families who can benefit from some extra support. Once connected, you will work independently with the family you adopt, at a level of personal and financial support that is comfortable for you, to help your adopted family meet their needs and achieve their goals.

Some ideas of how you can support the family you adopt:
• Assist the family financially
• Support the family in navigating the American system (e.g. obtaining a driver’s license)
• Help the family achieve self-sufficiency and engage in the community (e.g. English tutoring)

Please help us change lives:

Contact our HR/Volunteer Coordinator, at (206) 721-0243 or