ReWA operates from 10 sites to meet the ever-growing needs of refugees and immigrants in King and Snohomish counties.

Here is an overview of our recent impact:

Children and Youth

  • 152 children enrolled in our Early Childhood Education Program, providing a dual language education which helps children transition between home and school.
  • 491 refugee and immigrant youth, ages 6-20, learned math, English, and science in our Youth Programs, and developed the habits necessary to stay in school and achieve academic success. 100% of the youth who fully participated in our programs matriculated to the next grade level.
  • 56 youth enrolled in our Youth Job Readiness Training Program, increasing their chances of gaining employment after high school.
  • 135 refugee and immigrant parents attended parenting workshops and mentorship meetings, and gained the knowledge they need to help their children succeed at school.

Making a Successful Transition

  • 548 survivors of domestic violence received counseling, assistance, and support so they could go on to gain safety and self-sufficiency and live a life free from abuse.
  • 597 seniors from Somalia, Burma, Bhutan, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Russia, and Ukraine joined together to socialize and connect with each other, decreasing isolation in their adoptive country.
  • 16,479 nutritious, culturally-specific meals were served to King County immigrant and refugee seniors.
  • Over 300 clients received support through our Behavioral Health Program, which helps refugees and immigrants manage a variety of stressors and trauma in order to lead healthier, more productive lives.
  • 601 individuals received free bus tickets and other transportation assistance to medical, employment, court, housing, and other appointments.
  • 6,324 limited- or non-English speaking refugees and immigrants were assisted by our translation and interpretation services in order to access to housing, public benefits, employment, and more.
  • 144 refugee and immigrant families with special needs children were empowered to become fully participating members of the community through support and advocacy groups, information and referral services, and home visits
  • 192 refugees and immigrants received legal services to help them gain citizenship. 108 individuals were naturalized and 156 filed for citizenship.

Achieving Self-Sufficiency

  • 505 refugee and immigrant families received job placement assistance to find employment with livable wages and benefits.
  • 320 individuals received financial counseling and participated in financial literacy classes to build a secure financial future.
  • 602 individuals participated in our 6 ESL classes in order to gain general as well as employment-focused English language skills.

Homelessness Prevention

  • 741 refugees and immigrants, who were homeless or at risk of homelessness, received housing and vital services.
  • 91 individuals received emergency assistance, including motel vouchers, rent, and utility assistance.

Social Justice and Advocacy

  • Close to 1,700 refugees and immigrants raised concerns and addressed issues impacting lives at the Refugee and Immigrant Legislative Day organized by ReWA.
  • 44 Washington State Senators and Representatives met with their refugee and immigrant constituents and increased their awareness about the needs and diversity of the refugee and immigrant families.